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It is still going strong, though sadly rebranded as the porchester. Formerly an engineering draughtsman for uerl, he lost his job with the underground in the late 1920s as a. Ever sat on the tube staring at the station names wondering what it all means. This one opened in 1900 under the name of the central london railway, although. London s underground history of tube station names. Learn about this fascinating tube system with our collection of books showing old tube maps, the development of the underground the design icons that have shaped it into what it is today.

The one in west london gave its name to the tube station in 1871. How 12 tube stations got their names time out london. List of london undergroundrelated fiction wikipedia. The man who created the tube map we know today was harry beck. History books barry miless top 10 counterculture books from soho beatniks of the 50s to suburban punks in the 70s, the social historian turns us on to the best tales of london s defiant fringe. A brief history of the underground transport for london.

London s underground history of tube station names hilliam, david on. Whats in a name origins of station names on the london. We completed the london underground and docklands light railway networks. You suggested over 80 books, from trivia guides to studious histories. This entertaining book delves into their origins, ensuring you read more. This story is a part of bbc britain a series focused on exploring this. London transport underground books the london underground is the worlds oldest underground rail system and has inspired countless works of art. The list includes national rail and heathrow airport stations. The city of london was founded by the romans and their rule extended from 43 ad to the fifth century ad, when the empire fell. I was in pursuit of my duties as an employee of london underground.

Today, the network covers 408 kilometres, with 11 lines running through 270 stations. Though the essay dates back to 2007, its obviously still relevant as it covers the tubes history through graphic design. Buy whats in a name origins of station names on the london underground 4th revised edition by harris, cyril m. Since then the underground network, affectionately nicknamed the tube by generations of londoners, has grown to 270 stations and 11 lines stretching. Book in for a flight of fancy gripping reads, plus tv and radio to keep wanderlust alive. Its first section opened in 1863, making it the o ldest undergr ound metro system in the world although in fact approximately 55% of the current network is above ground, as it generally runs on the surface in outlying suburbs. But they actually hide 2,000 years of odd anecdotes and historic quirks. The names of the 300 or so london underground stations are so familiar to us as we straphang our way across the capital that we take them utterly for granted. Social history of people, neighborhoods, work, culture, power. Working day and night, these loud and heavy beasts, known as tunnel boring machines, are creating new tunnels below the city, as part of the crossrail transport route that is set to change the way. List of london underground stations simple english. Most of it was in place on openstreetmap back in 2007 the stations with increasing detail added over time, including things like tunnel sections of track. These pages are dedicated to all of the unusual, secret, littleknown wonders of the metropolis. A new book on the london underground draws on previously unused sources and images to celebrate its crucial role in the creation of modern london.

The name underground makes its first appearance in stations, and the first. London underground history disused stations on londons. This was one of the first new tube stations that had escalators moving staircases instead of lifts. Interesting pictures are used to show various areas of london during the late 1800s and 1900s, some of which are recognisable and some of which look alien to. History of london the evolution of uks capital city. The name underground makes its first appearance in stations, and the. The following is an essay i wrote about the london underground s graphic design history back in university. In 2015, we asked you to nominate your favourite nonfiction books about the capital. Of course, most people know about londoners taking shelter in the stations during the london blitz or secret bunkers hidden. From its creation to the present day, london undergrounds 150year history has. The names of the 300 or so underground stations are part of everyday life for londoners, but we hardly ever question their history. Londons 11 most haunted underground train stations.

The amazing history of the tube over 150 years moving london. Their enticing names echo london s rural past the crane, the darent, the mutton brook, the pool river or carry a whiff of the exotic. The london underground is a metro system in the united kingdom. The tube map sometimes called the london underground map or the tfl services map is a schematic transport map of the lines, stations and services of the london underground, known colloquially as the tube, hence the maps name. Many works of fiction are set in the london underground system or use it as a major plot element. It contains the nameorigins and history of all the london underground stations, the dates they were opened, and any former names they may have had. During the third century, londinium, the name given to the town by the romans, had a population of 50,000, mainly due to the influence of its major port. How did the names of the london underground lines come. The names of stops on the london underground can seem nonsensical.

A list of operational railway stations on the london underground and docklands light railway. This informative book gives the history of station names of the london underground and dockland light rail and their meanings. From the longforgotten tower subway to the wonderfully opulent leadenhall market, from henry viiis birthplace in east london to the many. The london underground also known simply as the underground, or by its nickname the tube is a public rapid transit system serving london region, england and some parts of the adjacent counties of buckinghamshire, essex and hertfordshire in the united kingdom the underground has its origins in the metropolitan railway, the worlds first underground passenger railway. From its creation to the present day, london underground s 150year history has been an eventful one.

These go back to the middle ages and earlier still, to roman times, to archaeology. The fascinating hidden history of londons lost rivers. It is also a work of history that evokes many of the unsolved, catastrophic events of the past. The book takes the reader on a fascinating journey around the tube network to reveal the history behind the names of all 268 stations. London underground by chris angus this is a novel of suspense, a thriller. Click on a tube line name to see the full list of all the stations and a tube map to help you with your journey. London underground tube line names this is a list of all london underground tube line names. List of london underground stations openstreetmap wiki.

Formerly an engineering draughtsman for uerl, he lost his job with the underground in the late 1920s as a result of funding cuts. Barry miless top 10 counterculture books books the. The london underground is a metro system in the united kingdom that serves greater. The first schematic tube map was designed by harry beck in 1931. The london undergrou nd is a metro system in the united kingdom that serves grea ter lon don and the home counties of buckinghamshire, essex and hertfordshire. The word metropolitan derives from metropolis, a word of greek origin. The forgotten men of the london underground at this very moment in time there are huge mechanical earthworms journeying through subterranean london. Victoria line queen victoria bakerloo line named because it ran from baker st to waterloo nothern line goes north central line goes through central district circle line i.

Many of our historical events were mysterious and still are. And despite every major city in the world now having its. Graphic design history of london underground click to download a printable version. It does not include stations exclusively served by the london underground, tramlink and docklands light railway. Since the majority of the stations that closed in central london were abandoned after 1930, a map of the railways as they existed in 1929, thats been annotated to show which underground stations have closed or changed their name since that time is available. London underground s history dates back to 1863 when the worlds first underground railway, the metropolitan railway, opened between paddington and farringdon serving six intermediate stations. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. London by tube is an essential read for anyone curious about london and its historic underground. A diagrammatic history new 8th ed by rose, douglas isbn. The list includes all railway stations in greater london and those outside the boundary that are included in. Proposed names which were never used are also mentioned.

We hardly ever question their meanings or originsyet these wellknown names are almost always linked with fascinating stories of bygone times. London underground books london transport museum shop. It serves greater london and the nearby districts of essex, hertfordshire and buckinghamshire. When looked at in closer detail, though, the names of our tube lines names that are.

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