Kei truck daily driver

The honda acty is the fun, useful little truck america never got. The distress might make you want to crawl under the. For me to demonstrate how awful most of these cars really are, ill use one of the most standard, banal, common kei cars you can find in japan today. The japanese mini truck or kei truck as it is known in japan is the daily driver. The bed capacity is nearly a halfton and considering the small footprint of this truck its perfect for. Weve been eyeing up this pit truck since the day we started hanging out with our homies james deane and piotr wiecek, aka the worthouse drift team. These are the things i hear regularly when people describe keicars. This honda acty kei truck is loved by a jeep designer in detroit. Japanese mini truck guide in depth info on kei trucks.

A 51yearold driver of a truck carrying 600 slaughtered pigs was instantly killed after his refrigerator truck overturned on the kei cuttings outside butterworth this morning. I was actually just forced to drive it in an ice storm against my will, only because my regular car was in the shop. Keep in mind, this is one of the safest keicars on the market today, with keitrucks. I parked next to an nsx at the local cars and coffee meet up and the. Japans keicars are actually horrible to drive jalopnik. Most eligible kei trucks feature a 550cc or 660cc engine, sometimes supercharged, due to. Driving on the freeway with a jdm keitruck youtube. We tested fuel economy and comfort to see how they fared as a daily driver. Many people wonder whether or not keitrucks can be driven on the freeway and keep up with traffic without any problem. For me to demonstrate how awful most of these cars really are, ill use one of the most standard, banal, common keicars you can find in japan today. Rotary pit truck s one of one rocket bunny kit gets installed, with a special guest.

This is a kei truck you can actually use as a daily driver. The low center of gravity allows excellent traction. This honda is midengine, has a 5speed manual transmission and also is rear wheel drive. A kei truck, or japanese mini truck, is a tiny but practical pickup truck available in rwd or 4wd version, built to satisfy the japans class of light vehicles. This is a truck, legal to drive on the road, with less horsepower than. Onroad performance is an important factor for any vehicle, including a work truck. Theres no arguing the versatility of the mazda miata. This is the lightduty truck that also doubles as a selfpropelled garden. Suzuki carry kei truck in the snow first drive youtube. They are known as keitora in japan alongside with their van version twins known as microvans.

Absoultely i do, it would serve my purposes quite well i figuure by the time a solid rear bumper and hitch are mounted, it will be put to use daily. The honda acty has been in production since 1977 as a keiclass truck in japan. Here is a fun, cheap daily driver that could easily last. Japanese mini truck guide in depth info on kei trucks rightdrive. In this inaugural first drive, my friend dylan and i go for a snowy drive in a suzuki carry kei truck, freshly imported from japan courtesy of the. Its one of the greatest sports cars on the planet, but also does well as a daily driver. Weve taken one of the slowest modern keitruck you can import in the us and. So i am an idiot, i flew up to iowa to buy a kei car and drive it back to texas with zero planning, knowing nothing about anything, but it worked. Its not hard to fall into a state of despair if youre in need of a fun, reliable, daily driver but dont have that much money to spend. With one of these, they could go around and do their daily chores in. Me driving my 1990 daihatsu atrai in montreal, canada.

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