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This trainer may not necessarily work with your copy of the game. Bionicle heroes takes the player into an extraordinary world where he fights in an epical combat. Bionicle legends covered the events that occurred in the storylines 20062008 story arc. With william jordan, nolan balzer, paolo bryant, jacqui fox. This actionadventure title for kids allows players to control the. Uncover and collect unique lego pieces that can be used to upgrade. Welcome to the official topic to discuss, ask questions, and enjoy the fanmade game mnog, the bohrok swarms smiley smiley smiley faq what is this game. They made up stories, got creative and bought anything and everything with bionicle on it.

Play alternatively as tahu, lewa and pohatu to hit. Bionicle heroes is a 3d third person shooter video game. He is expected to save the voya nui island as a third person shooter. In the hunt for the ancient and powerful mask of creation, our six heroes tahu, kopaka, onua, gali, pohatu and lewa must fight to recover the lost masks of power to. Exe files with the ones from the file archive play the game. And when done the game you can not play as the pirakas any more. Mobile exploration base 60195 lego city arctic expedition. Megagames founded in 1998, is a comprehensive hardcore gaming resource covering pc, xbox one, ps4, wii u, mobile games, news, trainers, mods, videos, fixes, patches. Youll choose which character you want to play at the beginning of the game, and in fact you can be different characters for different missions. With christopher gaze, brian drummond, trevor devall, paul dobson. All the events of the game take place on the mysterious bionicle world, on the voya nui island, a world of legobuild objects. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read.

The novel is a compilation of comics from 2006 and features artwork by stuart sayger. Bionicle was a line of lego construction toys marketed primarily towards 8to16 yearolds. Web of shadows, a sequelprequel that takes place in between metrunui and mask of light. The power of the golden masks lego bionicle episode 5. The legend reborn 2009 starring michael dorn and jim cummings on dvd and bluray.

Anyone can edit the bionicle wiki, which means that you can add anything you like, as long as your information comes from an official bionicle source, such as the books, comics, or from the lego website. The game puts you in shoes of toa, a representative of a heroic race. Six heroes, the toa, fight against the evil makutas forces which are threatening the beautiful island of okoto. As the toa metru leave the broken city behind, vakama and nokama are discussing things, mainly lhikans death.

Bionicle heroes is the latest game from the team behind lego star wars. Team up the toa and unite their powers with the elemental creatures as they fight their way through the dangerous maze. Christopher gaze, brian drummond, trevor devall, paul dobson. Download apk file to your pc and install on mobile device on appraw. Makuta sent umarak, the hunter to the heart of the control labyrinth in search of his old control mask. Mata nui, once a great and powerful ruler, finds himself in a remote wasteland of scrap parts and burnished metals. It is their destiny to find their masks of power and save the island from evil. You must take control of the shapeshifting hero and utilise all your weapons and. Game with lots of action and the noted robotic characters. Travel through over 25 unique levels and 6 elemental zones. Bionicle legends is the third book series based in the bionicle universe. The toa metru return to metru nui to rescue the remaining sleeping matoran, only to find it overrun by the spiderlike visorak horde and its. Legends of metrunui, which was followed by 2005s bionicle 3. Bionicle heroes is the second bionicle game in the toy franchise and is here to give gamers explosive action, fire fueled shooting, strong visuals.

Features the latest bionicle action figure toys including both the evil piraka and heroic toa inika. The game was released in november 2006 by travellers tales on playstation 2, xbox 360, nintendo gamecube, microsoft windows and by amaze entertainment on game boy advance, and nintendo ds, a nintendo wii version was later released in april 2007. Bionicle heroes brings to life the most powerful and exciting lego characters ever seen in one game, in an actionpacked world of adventure and discovery. Bionicle heroes pc game trainer cheat playfix nocd no. Master the unique weapons and elemental powers of all of the toa inika and piraka. Bionicle heroes is a totally new and thrilling adventure featuring the new 2006 bionicle toy range from lego, the mighty toa inika and the dastardly piraka. The one exception being the zamor sphere model, which i made myself becaus. Once you have completed the game go the levels agian. Both races toa and piraka, an evil one, have the same goal in the game to. The battle of voya nui is the fifth graphic novel in the papercutz bionicle series.

Only by mastering the powers and special abilities of the greatest bionicle heroes will he be able to overcome the many. Since 2005, the bionicle wiki has made it a priority to be the most accurate fandom wiki about bionicle. The arrival after falling from the stars, tahu meets the protector where he learns about his destiny to find his mask of power. Deep into the labyrinth of control, makuta has sent umarak the hunter to find and retrieve his old mask of control. Collect crystal shards to increase your toas level. The bohrok swarms is a fanmade sequel to the popular bionicle game mata nui online game mnog for short mnog is an online game where you. Master their unique tools and abilities in order to defeat the villainous piraka one by one. The game stars bionicle s 2006 feature characters, the toa inika and the piraka. Take control of a young hero as he steps out of the real world and into the strange and dangerous universe of bionicle. It tells the story of how the toa metru journey away from metru nui using a vahki transport to find a new home for the matoran of metru nui synopsis. After winning a dangerous glatorian battle, hes asked to help fight the local villagers real enemies. Bionicle is an action game led by the characters of the eponymous action figure saga where you can play all your favorite characters. Voyage of fear is the fifth bionicle book in the bionicle adventures series, released in october 2004. In a battle between good and evil, a hero serves as the last hope for the people.

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